Awards & Case Studies


Healthmetre is the first of its kind, a visual diabetic diary powered by the world’s most popular photo sharing platform, Instagram. This turned the dreaded diabetic diary into a much more usable, more socially acceptable experience that diabetics could easily share with family and health care professionals to ensure they stayed on track. The app connects your smartphone to a wireless blood meter via Bluetooth, that automatically logs readings to the app.

  •  Smarties EMEA: Best in Show, Mobile App (Bronze)
  • Global Mobile Awards: Best Mobile App for Social and Lifestyle
  • Jay Chiat Awards: Product/Service Creation (Gold)
  • BIMA Awards: Native Apps (Winner)
  • Webby Awards: Social - Health and Fitness (Winner) Careculator

The Careculator is an online tool that tells you what to spend on your friends based on how much they care about you on Facebook. How? It uses advanced Careculus  to analyze how often your friends have liked and commented on your posts in the last year. By literally putting a price on friendship, the Careculator helps you “spend less on the people you love.”

  • Cannes Lions: Grand Prix Media
  • Facebook Awards: Act, Winner

Tim Beta - Blablablameter 

A game designed to get Brazilian teens to use their phones more frequently by challenging them to demonstrate their social media influence. The more they shared, the higher they scored, and the more rewards they earned. 

  • Interaction Awards Shortlist: Expressing, Connecting, Disrupting
  • Webby Awards: Social - Customer Service
  • Smarties: Use of Mobile Social Media (Bronze)

Netflix Awards

To create a connection with its Brazilian public, Netflix launched the first interactive Award in the film industry. Ten independent director nominees, received a trophy that is illuminated every time the receive a vote from the public, through Facebook or Twitter. The most popular film was then added to the global catalog for Netflix to become famous worldwide. Now, the thrill of knowing the winner takes over.

  • Facebook Awards: Shortlist
  • El Diente: Interactive Craft: Technology's Uses (Silver)
  • WAVE Festival: Cyber: Digital Out of Home (Silver)